Sun Zapper Zinc Sunscreen Sticks

Sun Zapper Zinc Sticks are 100% Australian made and have been tested to meet the harsh conditions of New Zealand’s sun, snow, wind and waters.

Zinc oxide is a natural sunscreen that stays on your skin for hours, even when in the water and is a prominent ingredient in Sun Zapper Zinc Sticks and Sun Zapper Clear Zinc Sunscreen.  It won't burn your eyes and is great for people with sensitive skin conditions.

Sun Zapper Zinc Sticks and the Sun Zapper Clear Zinc Sunscreen provide a safe UVA/UVB SPF50+ barrier between your skin and the sun, snow, wind and water.

No parabens, artificial fragrance, animal derivatives, animal testing, artificial preservatives or nano-technology are used in any Sun Zapper Zinc Sticks or Clear Zinc Sunscreens and they comply with AS/NZS 2604:2012.

Sun Zapper Zinc Sticks are the best-selling and most trusted zinc sticks in New Zealand and Australia.