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  • Alexis Owen

    At the age of 16, Alexis Owen exemplifies extraordinary talent, foreshadowing a promising future in surfing. Having already showcased his skills at the World Championships 2x, including a 4th Place in 2024, and taking three NZ National titles, two Scholastic National Championships, as well as victories in the U14 and U16 South Island Championships, Alexis is undoubtedly a rising star in the surfing community.

    "One common issue with zinc is its tendency to trickle into the eyes after a session in the water, which is far from pleasant. The first time I used Sun Zapper Extreme and Zinc Sticks in the water, I finally experienced zinc that delivered as promised. I'm a huge Sun Zapper fan."

  • Jack McLeod

    Jack McLeod, aged 22, stands as yet another testament of a great surfer. Recognised by RipCurl and various other sponsors at the young age of 15, Jack has amassed numerous accolades, including multiple competition victories and finalist efforts. Jack's surfing style epitomises grace and fluidity, a source of envy for many surfers who aspire to emulate his effortless technique.

    Despite grappling with injuries in recent years, Jack has made a triumphant return to the waves, once again carving through the surf with skill and finesse. A promising future ahead.

    "I rely on Sun Zapper's Zinc almost daily, and even after nearly a year of constant use, the tube remains nearly untouched. It provides me with reliable protection while I'm out in the water."

  • Jake Owen

    Jake Owen, aged 18, has demonstrated remarkable skill, grabbing second place in the National Super 16 competition in Piha, securing a spot in the final at the South Island Championships, and achieving a commendable second position in the South Island series.

    Alongside his younger brother, Jake epitomises relentless dedication, engaging in daily training sessions, and exhibiting immense potential in competitive surfing.

    "During sunny summer days, I used to spend considerable time reapplying zinc. However, with Sun Zapper Extreme Zinc, a single application in the morning lasts throughout the day."

  • Fletcher Melville

    Hi my name is Fletcher Melville, I am 14 years and live In Aramoana. I am a Hydro Surf team rider.

    I have been surfing since I was 4 years and have been using this amazing product and really love it.

    It’s great in all conditions, we travel to Indonesia yearly and have found Sun Zapper long lasting and the best one yet.

    We call my Dad the sunscreen police, he has tried every thing and he says this is by far the best.

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